Communications Strategy

I am an online communications specialist drawing from a decade of professional experience in both the nonprofit and for-profit sectors. I provide support, feedback, research and content for clients who are in the process of defining their target audience, creating compelling messaging, redesigning their websites, marketing effectively on social media and crafting successful crowdfunding campaigns. I love working with conscious leaders of small-scale businesses and organizations who care about making a difference!

Recent Work

Business Website Redesign

I had a blast overhauling the  Twin Oaks Community Foods website, which is a worker-owned cooperative that produces and distributes soy foods across the mid-Atlantic. I prepared for the redesign by studying all of the business’ promotional materials and preexisting web content to deeply understand their tone, audience and goals. I wireframed each webpage, tightened up the online branding by reimagining the look and feel of the site, created all the site content from scratch, then implemented the new WordPress site.


Nonprofit Website Redesign

With extensive input from dozens of staff members, I stewarded the creation of a beautiful, intuitive custom website for the Occidental Arts & Ecology Center. The search engine optimized site is linked to the nonprofit’s CRM platform to drive donations and event registrations. To begin the redesign process, I studied the analytics of the former OAEC website and mapped the information architecture of the new site. Working closely with Josh Woodlander, CEO and lead UX/UI designer of 1stWave Interactive, I rebranded the organization with a new logo and color scheme; created extensive wireframes for each landing and template page; developed the look and feel for the new site; then oversaw the technical implementation of the design. Once the website structure was built, I strategized, created and curated content, managing nearly 30 nonprofit staff who helped contribute text. Finally, after completing 301 redirects and testing across various devices, we launched the site to much praise from users.

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Social Media

The Barlow, a 12.5-acre outdoor marketplace of artisanal goods in Sonoma County, was in need of a more approachable image on social media. Their brand had become synonymous with high-end products, which was great for out of town tourists but less appealing to the local community. What makes The Barlow special is its small business owners who are also gifted “makers,” so I featured these artisans and the unique experiences they offer in social media marketing campaigns, from ads to individual stories, aimed at locals. Attendance at The Barlow’s “Third Thursday” neighborhood street fairs was driven by the Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns I designed and executed.

Content Creation

I created and edited compelling storytelling for client Michelle Vesser while she was building her health and wellness consulting business “Everything Sacred” from the ground up. Michelle didn’t know where to begin writing her story, so I interviewed her about her background and skills and then crafted her words in inspiring, concise content to appeal to her target audience on her website and future marketing materials.

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I learned the secrets to a successful crowdfunding campaign from renowned crowdfunding marketing and videographer Michael Zeligs, founder of Start Motion Media. In order to raise funds for my 2,187-mile solo through-hike of the Appalachian Trail in 2016, I worked with Michael to carefully plan and execute an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign that was ultimately backed by 200 people that exceeded its goal after 8 days. I love consulting with clients who are building a campaign of their own!

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