Relationship & Community Building

Interpersonal communication, human intimacy, and intentional community are passions of mine. I love connecting with people as well as helping people connect to themselves and to each other.

Somatica Method Coaching

In the winter of 2018/2019, I will receive my certification in the Somatica Method of sex & relationship coaching. The Somatica Method is a holistic, loving and systematic approach to sex and relationship coaching that invites people to move beyond shame, clarify their needs and boundaries, live emotionally connected and erotically embodied lives, and experience the joy and satisfaction of great sex and authentic relationships. This modality is pleasure-based, interactive and experiential and based on up-to-date neuroscience research about how people learn, connect and experience personal growth.

Check back soon about the launch of my coaching practice!

Intentional Communities

For the past decade, I have been inspired by intentional communities that are forging a path back to a more interconnected existence. I have seen that when a group of people live and work closely together, their relationships are much less afflicted by competition, jealousy and fear than relationships in the more isolating “mainstream.”

Since living at an income-sharing commune in central Virginia called Twin Oaks Community from 2010-2012, I have been passionate about spreading alternative perspectives on relationships and have made it my mission to model what human connection can look when we are more open, more present and more free. I have also been a contributor to Communities Magazine. I hope to spend the majority of my adult life living in and helping to promote intentional communities!

Twin Oaks Community
The Twin Oaks Community, an 100-person commune in Virginia where I lived for two years.

Here are some of the intentional communities I have lived at, worked at or visited:

Check out my Relationships posts or My Story page to learn more.


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